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Official Recognition of foreign diplomas in Spain

Official recognition, validation and professional recognition of foreign diplomas in Spain are the main core and strength of our business.

Official recognition of diplomas abroad

We are doing our part in the process of internationalisation of companies working abroad and we enable people with a Spanish Unviersity Diploma to work abroad.


Wert allows universities to decide if they offer three or four year degrees


El Mundo newspaper, in its digital edition, publishes that the Ministry of Education, Jose Ignacio Wert, will increase flexibility of the university system to the point of leaving up to every university the duration of degrees. University chancellors or rectors will be able to decide if they offe...

Initiative program at university has been presented


The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, Jose Manuel Soria and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, Jose Ignacio Wert have presented the second edition of the Entrepreneurial Initiative program in order to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in university. Aware of the need to prom...